Of all the various arts, cooking is the most sublime. It involves all of your senses, sight, smell, touch, sound, taste, and the work, which takes time to prepare, is consumed in minutes, leaving nothing but the full patron in it's wake.


I began as a short order cook to pay bills while I pursued a variety of other arts, when circumstances afforded me the opportunity to work in a large French kitchen, under the tutelage of Chefs Mark Ditomassi and Phil Paris, at Chicago's Signature Room on the 95th floor of The John Hancock Building. It was in that cocina that I saw a kitchen can be more than just a utilitarian space for cooking. It was more like a working studio, and much like recording studios or visual art studios, it was full of energy and eccentric individuals making fantastic things. 

My own personal style, these many years later, is to cook with ingredients I would eat by themselves and to combine classical techniques with the kind of "provincial" fare I ate in my youth. Flavorful, simple and robust food, satisfying for hard fisted workers, and nuanced too, for the delicate palate.




Chef Alexander Remer


Phone 845.517.3570


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Town Square Mall

59 Route 59

Monsey, NY 10952


Monday– Thursday

5:30 PM - Last Seating at 10 PM

Kitchen Closes 10:30 PM

Sunday from 4:30 PM

Under the strict Hashgocha of Rav Benyumin Gruber Shlita